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Teich im Schierker Kurpark, Foto: WTG

Schierke (580 - 640 m üNN) and the Mountain Brocken (1142 m)

Schierke am Brocken Climatic Spa, National Park and Winter Sports Area

The national park community Schierke am Brocken greets its guests! The Harz Mountains, Schierke and the "father" Brocken, together in the middle of Germany, belong together. Schierke, with approximately 800 inhabitants, lies directly at the foot of the Brocken, between 580 and 640 meters in the valley of the Bode River; the surrounds peaks reach heights of 900 to 1,000 meters. The idyllic location of Schierke does not only fascinate guests visiting our village near the Brocken for the first time; but fascinates its residents as well.

Schierke extends for several kilometers along the Bode River, which originates from underneath the Brocken. A multitude of hotels, hostels, vacation apartments or vacation homes show the tourist potential of the location. Some of these houses are so close to the Bode that the gurgling, comforting sounds of the river allow you to reach a special state of calm.

Alongside the astonishing view of the surrounding mountains, some of which have peaks more than 1,000 meters high, there are a series of details which makes the location so attractive and worth visiting. Stones upon stones, called cliffs here, mark the area; they are the result of the formation of the mountains and the subsequent weathering. High rock formations in the direct vicinity of Schierke such as the Schnarcherklippen or the Feuersteinfelsen or either overlooks or climbing rocks in the middle of the forest.

They are the dominant design element in the new Schierke Spa Park. Together with botanical rarities and small waterfalls, the Spa Park is both an artful rediscovery of the mountain landscape of the Harz Mountains as well as an invitation to relaxation, observation and movement. A walk through the village leads past lovingly designed buildings. Hotels, hostels, cafes and restaurants alternate with each other; all provide excellent culinary offerings.

Traffic Connections:

A7 (Hannover-Kassel) 70 km
A2 (Berlin-Dortmund) Magdeburg 100 km
A395 (Bad Harzburg-Braunschweig) 40 km
B6 (A395-A14) 20 km
B27 (Göttingen-Braunlage) 10 km
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Train Connections:
Hannover - Goslar - Wernigerode - Schierke
Göttingen - Bad Harzburg - Wernigrode - Schierke

Characteristics of the Landscape
Schierke is located in the upper part of the Harz Mountains, nestled into the is especially marked by weather shaped rock formations. The highest peak within the area of Schierke is the Brocken, the home mountain of Schierke. At 1142 meters, it is the highest peak in northern Germany. Wide ranging spruce forests, primarily protected areas within the Harz National Park, surround the village.

Schierke's hosts look forward to your visit. We recommend our hotels, hostels, vacation apartments and vacation homes, the camping and recreational vehicle places, the youth hostel, and the Education and Recreation Center. All in all, Schierke has about 1,500 guest beds available. Look for available accommodation in Schierke.

Entertainment, Recreation, Sports
Schierke's location allows it to offer numerous nature sports - in the summer, hiking through the National Park, either alone or led by a guide, is, of course, quite popular; climbing, mountain biking and Nordic walking provide an interesting offer for active guests and the forest springs, located only 4 kilometers away in Elend, invite swimmers and bathers. A children's playground, summer toboggan run and coach rides provide additional recreational activities. With its program "Summer in Schierke", the village also offers a wide ranging cultural offering, including serenades in the water garden, spa concerts in the music pavilion, cliff hikes, student concerts and children's parties. Winter in Schierke stands for winter sports: skiing, tobogganing and ice skating. 30 kilometers of well marked cross country ski paths are available, tobogganing is possible at various locations, ice skating, curling, an ice disco and an ice carnival are all on the program at the Nature Stadium. A ride on a horse drawn sleigh through the wintry forest is something for the romantics and the toboggan behind the sleigh is something for the children.

Annual Events

February - Schierke Winter Games and IGLU-Festival
April 30 - Walpurgis
Juli/August - Schierke Summer Music
Serenades Concert
Health Resort Concert
Spa Park Festival
September last Saturday - Cow Ball

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